Cotton Candy Machine-50 servings

Cotton Candy Machine-50 servings

    • Outlets: 1 - 110v GFI Within 75’

    • $89.99
      Includes Delivery & Setup
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Planning a special event or party? Our cotton candy machine is just what you'll need to make your party or event extra special. This cotton candy machine is perfect for everything from birthday parties to outdoor church events.

Rental Pricing

1-6 hr rental     $89.99

 8 hr rental     $139.99

Pricing May change for Holiday Rent
  • Comes complete with one flavor of sugar (Pink Vanilla or Blue Raspberry)
  • Cotton Candy Sticks for 50 servings. Additional supplies $20 for 50 servings

Extension cord and table are not included with concessions (you can go to "party equipment" or "table & chairs" if you need to rent one)


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