Snow Cone Machine-25 servings

Snow Cone Machine-25 servings

    • Outlets: 1 - 110v GFI Within 75’

    • $89.99
      Includes Delivery & Setup
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At a hot summer party or even there's nothing more fun or refreshing than a delicious snow cone.  This snow cone machine is easy to use and is fun to make
Rental Pricing

1-6 hr rental     $89.99

 8 hr rental      $139.99

Pricing May change for Holiday Rentals

Comes complete with supplies for 25 servings (Cherry or Blue Raspberry Flavoring)

20 lb bag of ice should produce 40-50 snow cones on average (Ice not included)

Our snow cone machine uses regular cubed ice available from your local store or ice from your ice maker

Cleanliness guaranteed

We rent Ice Chests if you need somewhere to store your ice, Extension cords, and tables to hold everything (you can go to "party equipment" or "table & chairs" if you need to rent one)



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